ReFit Camp is a proven methodology
to help startup founders identify
and reach their product/market fit.
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Better doesn’t work, be different!
The Category Design Playbook explained
Stephanie Tramicheck
April 6th

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Stephanie Tramicheck had the privilege to talk at the Launch Festival on April 6th about Category Design. She presented a pragmatic step-by-step playbook on Category Design for startups, and shared the importance of becoming a Category King. No matter your development phase, this talk will provide you concrete tools to identify your uniqueness, define your category and develop a strong point of view to lead your market.

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My Services



From technology to marketable product.

Guide scientific researchers to identify their product/market fit and build a sustainable business.

  • Identify the product/market fit for your technology.
  • Develop a strategic vision to guide key company choices.
  • Equip the founder's team to a level where they can meet investors and partners.


From struggle to a clear plan for growth.

Mentor the startup founders in identifying a market where their vision will thrive, along with the right product.

  • Analyse and test potential markets by following the founders' insight.
  • Identify and design a category that the startup could lead.
  • Reposition the product and develop a strong company point of view.


From insight to category

Engineer a go-to-market plan with startup founder and support their team in its implementation.

  • Articulate the company pitch and vision.
  • Develop a go-to-market plan including clear actionable tactics you can actually start to implement.
  • Coach the team with short feedback loops to kick start your operations.

My methodology

How Does it Work?

The core of ReFit Camp methodology is the emerging “Category Design“ marketing discipline. “Be different, not just better” The Play Bigger team conducted an extensive research on “Category Kings,” which are category leaders The research showed that in order to win you need to be the leader of a market category. It also showed that category leaders claim 80% of the market. To win your market, you need to identify a category where you can become the leader. To learn more about Category Design, check out the book “Play Bigger", where the concept was introduced.

not just

"The journey
is as
important as
the goal."

The ReFit Camp methodology

With a defined process, ReFit Camp coaches you to identify your market, your product and ultimately your category. Together, we then develop a strategic and tactical plan to grow this emerging category and become its leader. Refit Camp is a proven process, engineered out of both bootstrapped and high growth startup experiences. The journey is as important as the goal. It is your startup and you need to believe and embody what the new category will be. Therefore, we don’t follow a traditional consulting process: you have homework to do! It is only the beginning. Our intentions are for you to grow your skill set in the process. You will discover and learn to use new tools, new business reflexes, and state of the art high growth startup practices.

A Typical Journey

  • Founder's insight & market identification

    Daily sessions, with homework

  • Testing & validating a market

    Twice a week with homework.

  • Designing the
    category & planning

    Once a week with development work.

  • Immersive

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I am a telecommunications engineer turned bootstrapped entrepreneur. Turned intrapreneur for high-growth startups such as Etsy and Pinterest.

Relocated to the heart of Tech, I've come back to what I love the most: helping entrepreneurs by leveraging my passion for thinking out of the box and turning over rocks in order to change our world one product at a time.